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Ms. Monopoly

Ms. Monopoly

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Minimum Age Recomendation96

About this item

Meet Ms. Monopoly: This Breakout Monopoly board game introduces a new character to the Monopoly family, and is a celebration of Women entrepreneurs and inventors

Buy inventions by women: instead of buying properties, players buy some of the things that wouldn't exist without the innovative women who invented them

Get more money: in the MS. Monopoly game, women get a higher payout at the start of the game and more money when passing go

Dream big: players can build business headquarters to collect even more rent. Zoom ahead with ride shares, and purchase utilities -- such as solar heating -- invented by women

Themed tokens: move around the game board Using one of the tokens that represents Ms. Monopoly: a notebook and pen, a jet, A glass, A watch, a barbell, or Ms. Monopoly white hat

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